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Passenger - Walls

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Date: 27 Jul 2017

Duration: 03:42

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Passenger - Walls, When I built these walls with bricks and stones
I built them all around
I built these walls a long time ago
She ain't gonna take 'em down
No, she ain't gonna break 'em down
I built these walls with my two hands
I laid every single part
And behind these walls a coward stands
With an ego and a broken heart
An ego and a broken heart

Oh-oh-oh-oh, she comes around
Said if I don't get lost
I won't get found
Oh-oh-oh, and turn it 'round
Said if I don't go up
I won't come down
I won't come down

When I built these walls around my chest
I built them thick and strong
Oh, and she can try her very best
But they've been here for too long
For long ago there was a girl
That stood there where she stands
But she reached right in into my heart
And broke it in her hands
Oh, she broke it in her hands

Oh-oh-oh-oh, and I suppose
If there's no rain clouds
Nothing grows
Oh-oh-oh, but this I know
If I don't get high
I won't get low
Oh-oh-oh, and I find her strange
She wants to climb up
But she could fall
Oh-oh-oh, she said that "I don't change"
And I live and die
Behind these walls
Behind these walls
Behind these walls

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